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STEM It Up! is a new video series that showcases amazing women leading the way through awesome careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Check out these short videos highlighting STEM fields, with an emphasis on engineering, and help your students discover their own STEM path.

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Welcome to STEM It Up!

Kali Nash, Coe College Student

Kristine Bullock, SE Iowa STEM Hub Manager

Kasey Keeling, Kirkwood Community College Project Lead The Way Coordinator

Welcome to STEM It Up! Check out this introduction video first and hear from STEM education experts and a college senior about tips for investigating if a future in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math is right for you. You’ll get some great advice on next steps to pursuing a STEM path from Kali Nash, a Coe College senior studying Physics and Computer Science; Kristine Bullock, SE Iowa STEM Hub manager; and Kasey Keeling, Kirkwood Project Lead The Way Coordinator. (Video length: 11 min. 21 sec.)

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Liz Asai, VP of Dermatology and Entrepreneur at Digital Diagnostics

Liz Asai

Vice President of Dermatology and Entrepreneur – Digital Diagnostics

This presentation will cover Liz’s journey through undergraduate engineering research, starting a company, scaling it, and recently selling the business. (Video length: 10 min. 30 sec.)

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Kimera Cho, Mechanical Engineer at Collins Aerospace

Kimera Cho

Mechanical Engineer – Collins Aerospace

Kim has been an engineer at Collins Aerospace for 35 years. Her last 25 years have been dedicated to the implementation of advanced packaging technologies into Collins military/avionics electronic products. She is currently an Advanced Packaging Fellow with subject matter expertise in miniaturization, producibility, durability, and lead-free electronics. (Video length: 20 min. 59 sec.)

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Tamara Marcus, Sustainability Program Manager for Linn County

Tamara Marcus

Sustainability Program Manager – Linn County

Tamara Marcus is Linn County’s first sustainability program manager. She completed her B.S. in Biochemistry and English at the University of Minnesota and is a former Fulbright Scholar who completed two years of climate change research in the Indian Himalayas. Tamara is a Switzer Fellow, a NASA New Hampshire Space Grant Fellow, and a National Center for Atmospheric Research Fellow. Currently she’s a Ph.D. candidate in the Natural Resources and Earth System Science program at the University of New Hampshire. (Video length: 21 min. 49 sec.)

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Danielle Russo, Software Developer at Collins Aerospace

Danielle Russo

Software Developer – Collins Aerospace

“Third time’s the charm. Taking the long road to a promising career in computer science.” Danielle shares her story of how she became a software developer. (Video length: 10 min. 39 sec.)

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Swetha Sridharan, Systems Engineer at Collins Aerospace

Swetha Sridharan

Systems Engineer – Collins Aerospace

Swetha Sridharan is a system safety engineer at Collins Aerospace. She is passionate about tackling the most complex challenges present in the aviation industry. Swetha is currently leading a group of system safety engineers in establishing the Product Line Library of Safety Analyses. She is experienced in addressing airworthiness and safety of flight aspects for in-service issues in cooperation with supplier, customer, and certification authorities. Swetha loves talking to young people about engineering and making them aware of available opportunities. (Video length: 9 min. 28 sec.)

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