Pet Grooming

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Pet Grooming

Work with Animals Every Day!

Help pet owners proudly show off their furry friends by keeping their pets groomed and healthy.

Kirkwood Continuing Education now offers a noncredit Pet Grooming Certificate to teach you skills and techniques to professionally groom and maintain the appearance of pets, especially dogs and cats.

Grooming skills you’ll learn in this program include brushing, combing, and cutting the pet’s hair, trimming toenails, bathing and drying the pet, cleaning its ears, and pet styling.

The next in-person, noncredit program begins September 13, 2022 and lasts just 12 weeks. Tuition includes all required textbooks and grooming supplies.

*You do not need to apply to Kirkwood to take this noncredit course.

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Kirkwood offers tuition assistance based on eligibility for students each year who pursue noncredit certificates.

Click the link below to find out if you qualify for funding that covers your tuition cost.

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Course Objectives:

  • Identify each grooming tool and explain its use.
  • Demonstrate clipper care and maintenance.
  • Understand the blade care routine and recognize blade lengths.
  • Learn proper scissor techniques and handling.
  • Identify common AKC breeds and their temperaments.
  • Identify and recall basic canine and feline anatomy.
  • Learn the proper way to safely restrain animals as a grooming assistant.
  • Demonstrate bathing techniques for a canine and a feline, including properly cleaning facial wrinkles and using drying procedures.
  • Explain the function of anal sacs and the importance of maintenance.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of regulations and customer relations skills required for a successful pet grooming business.
  • Name and recognize common external parasites of small animals.
  • Prepare, dilute, and administer flea and tick dips on selected animals, as well as understand and explain flea and tick eradication treatments for the yard and home.
  • Outline the use of monthly parasite control products.
  • Clean and sanitize grooming lab and equipment to comply with state regulations.
  • Explain Iowa Code Chapter 162 as it relates to operation of a pet-related business.
  • Identify and implement the five most common types of dog grooming styles.
  • Learn to correctly trim nails and clean ears.
  • Identify the five basic styles of the following areas: head, ear, feet, and tail.

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Looking for a way to get your pet groomed and contribute to the community? The Kirkwood Grooming Lab is equipped with everything necessary for a safe, positive experience for your pet. 

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Grooming Prices

Includes brush-out, nails trimmed and dremeled, bathing, drying, cleaning ears and anal glands if need be. Also free tooth brushing.

Small dog (0-20lbs)                  short hair $15-20        med-long hair  $20-25

Medium dog (20-50lbs)            short hair $20-25        med-long hair $30-35

Large dog (50-75lbs)                short hair $25-40         med-long hair $40-50

X-lg. dog (75 lbs & up)             short hair $50 & up     med-long hair $60 & up

Includes all services in the Bath & Basics, plus clipping of the body hair. Dogs with fleas or matted dogs will be charged extra.

Small Dog                                 $30-40 (0-20 lbs.)

Medium Dog                             $40-50 (20-50 lbs.)

Large Dog                                 $50 & Up (50-80 lbs.)

X-Lg. Dog                                  $60 & Up (80 lbs & Up) 

FURminator Treatment can be added to any service for $10-30.

Program Notice

The program featured above is a noncredit* course created in collaboration between the Agricultural Sciences department and the Continuing Education department. *College credit is not awarded for noncredit programs.



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