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Key Performance Indicators (or KPIs) help Kirkwood Community College live up to its mission to identify community needs; provide accessible, quality education and training; and promote opportunities for lifelong learning through data.

KPIs are a key part of Kirkwood's Strategic Plan. Institutional- and departmental-level KPIs are reviewed annually in order to ensure data-driven decisions and continuous improvement based on the mission, vision, core values, and Learner Success Blueprint.

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What Are KPI Dashboards?

Dashboards are graphical depictions that provide at-a-glance views of key performance indicators relevant to a particular objective or process. They are progress reports and integral pieces of the measure and analyze steps in the strategic planning cycle.

How the Dashboards Are Used

Monitoring and discussion of all levels of KPIs will be a component of Cabinet, department, and team meetings across the campuses. Leadership team report meetings are held quarterly and the analysis of departmental KPIs are shared on a rotational basis.

More important than discussing the data that are represented in dashboards is the learning that takes place based on sharing information with colleagues regarding the changes made or not made based on the data. There are no failures, only learning that results in continuous improvement. 

Meet Our Staff

Dr. Connie Thurman
Chief Officer, Institutional Effectiveness and Innovation

Patrick Clemence
Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness

Greg Hall
Director of Compliance

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